Helping Mountain People

Education to Orphan Children

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  • Project Location: Remote Himalayan community
  • Project Duration:
  • Project Cost:USD 2261

Many children in remote area of communities never go to school because of either poor financial background or many drop out from in their primary and secondary level. On 25 April, 2015 came terrible earthquake came in Nepal. Earthquake killed many Childrens parent in remote area. Aftermath, earthquake, they became orphan and actually they have no HOPE in life.  We believe that education is the basic building block of any prosperous society and should be compulsorily and free available to everyone. Emmanuel Foundation Nepal is planning to provide assistance for education to Orphans children, disabled child and children from poor families. We are providing scholarships, cover tuition fees, school dress, offer training to teachers and other essentials such as pencils, copy, text books etc. We ensure that these facilities go directly to the orphan and disabled children of the remote Himalayan community. 

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