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Emmanuel Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-government organization established to help needy people by providing education, health and other essential basic services to the deprived remote mountain communities of Nepal. We uphold the commitment to offer free health, education and physiotherapy services and provide support to poor, disabled and orphan people, with special focus on disabled children and women. Emmanuel Foundation Nepal is a pro-poor and pro-disabled people based development NGO run by young people.  It focuses its effort towards working with poor people women, disabled child, youth, elder citizens and communities in difficult circumstances, i.e. persons with disabilities or those living in remote inaccessible areas.


Our vision is to see a sustainable, healthy and prosperous Rural Community.

Our Mission:

We Sharing God love and blessing thorough distribute bible, bible teaching and provide basic health services include physiotherapy, and to assist educational support to women, poor people and disabled child in Remote area of Nepal.


  1. To support for education to the children of Rural community
  2. To offer free medical and health services such as Physiotherapy, particularly to poor, disabled, children and women of rural area
  3. To offer special support and assistance in health and education to disabled and orphans.

Our Team:

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